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Yes! we excel at the expected...
But what distinguishes us from the rest are a series of exclusive added value services and benefits designed to help
NYU travel planners achieve their goals.



The NYU Connection!

Founded by an NYU alum (Stern MBA 1980) and his wife, Destination Partners is in many ways both a result and a reflection of the global education espoused by New York University. 

" With over 30 years of travel management experience, we have the expertise, relationships and understanding of university group travel needs to make your program successful." Adam Carter

Adam Carter.jpg

Destination Partners has dedicated a team of seasoned travel management professionals to attend to the unique needs of the many different types of group travel clients at NYU.

We have an impeccable record of providing innovative and well-managed programs that meet the needs of administrators and faculty.

Destination Partners has operated special interest/ educational group programs in the last 11 years for dozens of institutions, including most NYU Divisions.

Stay tuned for more information on 2014 site inspection dates and destinations.

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