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Yes! we excel at the expected.

But what distinguishes us from the rest are a series of exclusive
added value services and benefits designed to help

NYU travel planners achieve their goals.


Our knowledgeable staff will customize your ideal itinerary free of charge; simply fill out our Request a Quote Form, send it to us and you’ll have an answer, generally within 24 hours, addressing you or your group’s needs. We strive to create a seamless and stress free experience for you as a group travel or special event planner.


Our innovation in program development is unsurpassed in the market. We design and offer cultural tours focusing on African-American heritage, Jewish heritage, educational tours, community service opportunities and more. We work with you to understand your interest and help you to find the right product and program. Our extensive network of partners around the globe ensures that we deliver programs that meet or exceed your expectations.


In addition to outstanding service and excellent programs, we also work hard to meet your budget. We know the market is competitive and we are responsible for negotiating the very best hotel and service rates possible. Our buying power and global contacts make our rates hard to beat.


In addition to outstanding service to our clients, Destination Partners is committed to working collaboratively towards the betterment of the communities in which we work. Please visit our “Sponsored Nonprofit Page”, BeeGaia, inc to see how Destination Partners is making a difference in our world.


Planning & Workshops

Destination Partners will host a series of workshops and roundtables at NYU, inviting our local office managers from selected destinations around the globe to come and meet with university travel planners to discuss and learn about the local resources, opportunities and experiences these destinations can provide their students.

Site Inspection Trips

These educational opportunities will be offered in conjunction with our partner offices and airlines to provide university travel planners the chance to visit key destinations they may be considering for future group programs. An excellent chance to meet the people and resources planners want to include in their programs. Programs are subsidized and start all inclusive of air/land at $500pp. Any fees paid are refunded to participants if a program materializes to the destination visited in the next 2 years. For more information on 2014 site inspection dates and destinations contact us!


added value

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